Products on customer order

Forgings, seamless rolled rings and castings

In addition to rolled and forged bar steel, PWT Eurostaal also delivers forgings, seamless rolled rings and castings from stock in all possible qualities and dimensions. These products are made completely in accordance with the respective customer's specifications and drawings.

During its long existence, PWT Eurostaal has built up an extremely large international network, which enables us to select the right supplier quickly and efficiently. We also have an extensive technical team so that production progress and quality can be guaranteed. We obtain our materials exclusively from highly reputed and ISO certified steel mills throughout the world.

We can of course supply these products unmachined, prepared or finished: the choice is up to you.

Our operating processes are optimally aligned, which enables us to offer a wide variety of products quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

Product assortment

We supply components in unalloyed and (high-)alloyed qualities for various sectors including shipbuilding, machine construction, energy, petrochemicals, cement, mining, offshore, etc.

The professional partners with which we work intensively together have the following production capacities and machining possibilities:

Max. diameter: Ø 5.200 mm
Max. length: 25.000 mm
Max. weight: 150 tonnes

Seamless rolled rings: 
Max. diameter: Ø 10.000 mm
Max. height: 3.000 mm
Max. weight: 80 tonnes

Castings (in steel, grey ductile cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron):
Max. weight: 400 tonnes