Our extra Services


PWT Eurostaal has an ultra-modern production facility measuring approximately 7,500 m² with nine CNC machines with which we can efficiently cut your orders to the correct lengths and guarantee delivery on time. Our cutting capacity up to 1,500 mm sets us apart in our professional area.

Our machinery includes ten overhead cranes with hoisting capacities up to 40 tonnes, which enables us to supply extra-large diameters and lengths.


PWT Eurostaal supplies all its materials with factory certificates as standard. If preferred, products can be accompanied by a type 3.2 inspection certificate. In this respect, we can arrange the inspection procedure on your behalf with your chosen test institute, for example, LrS, DnV, TüV, BV, etc.

We are also able to perform supplementary NDT testing (ultrasonic, magnetic and dye penetrant) autonomously. If we deliver products that have undergone finishing processing, we make the arrangements for the geometric final inspection as a matter of course.


PWT Eurostaal believes it is important that the products it delivers reach their final destination safely. We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers, but we also frequently use specialist haulage firms.

We make sure that our consignments are firmly secured on pallets or in crates before transport as standard. The required documents can of course be provided for all deliveries. If preferred, we can neutrally deliver goods to your business location.


As part of the PWT Group, PWT Eurostaal is able to process all the materials it supplies into pre-machined or finished products. To gain an impression of our machining possibilities, please go to: www.vanderwegen.com and/or www.bierens.com. A few general machining operations that we can carry out on your behalf are for example boring, portal milling, turning, vertical drilling and milling and cylindrical grinding